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Bleh, stuff....

Posted on 2006.01.29 at 20:48
Current Mood: Bleh
Current Music: Reflection
Of all the evils I've observed in 15 years of life, I'd have to say two of the worse are boredom and the foolish conceptions of Society. In the latter category, I believe fall many "Disorders" and "Diseases" that are commonly diagnosed but in my view, do not really exist. The easiest example of this I can find is "ADD" ("Attention Deficit Disorder".
The fact is, that the "symptoms" of this "Disorder" seem to be to be telltale signs of lack of interest. Now, if you have a enough of a problem with a peron's lack of interest in things to call it a mental disorder, I see you as a comformist and thus as the worst kind of scum, so go jump off a bridge while I display a lack of interest in the rest of your fate.

Next on my agenda of things to rant about is the pure stupidity of the policy in the art and Fanfiction world of "critting" anything and everything. This policy disgusts me mainly because of the fact that it doesn't matter if you don't like something someone else does, because tastes differ. Critting is really just another conformist way of trying to make everyone the same in many cases. Just because someone's art doesn't meet your standards doesn't mean it needs to be changed. Both art and fanfiction are ways to express what the creator feels, and if another person doesn't like it and so tries to have it changed, it becomes not that person's expression. (Note that fanfiction is less so, so has many exceptions).
So next time you look and someone's art and say "Well, I think this looks incorrect, I think they should do it this way instead," remember that you're being a conformist and are defeating the point of art as well as hurting the person, in many cases.

On to my third rant - The free will of reploids and navis and the treatment of it.
Navis and reploids are both said to have Free Will, correct? So why is it that both are treated like inferiors? Navis are deleted without remorse while every possiable effort is made to keep the human scum who made them do their crimes alive. Also, any reploids who -use- the free will they are so renown for are labeled irregulars and promptly killed. If they are to be treated as such, how are they any diffrent from the robots of the classic series.
X and Rockman.exe are two of the most guilty of this, but I'll stop now 'cause I'm out of my ranting mood...
So until next entry,

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The shadow of our undoing...

Posted on 2006.01.13 at 21:50
Current Mood: Hopeless/Tired
Current Music: Reflection
It has come to my attention in recent weeks that there is a shadow hovering over the Rockman Community. Although I'll be the first to say that the Rockman Community is not an extremely friendly place, one virtuous trait most sites within it has always had is a fierce independent spirit, or at least they did possess it.
This shadow has a form and a name; The MegaMan Community.
Now, I expect that at the moment, you think I'm an insane to call the fastest growing site in the community a shadow, but I shall endeavor to explain to you in full my reasoning.
Let's say you have a medium sized Rockman site. Suddenly, MMC contacts you with an offer; If you join their Community and use it as your forums, they'll host you and maybe even buy you a domain.
Sounds profitable, right? Well, it may be in short term, but once MMC has assimilated more sites, say you no longer like them and want to be independent again, so you break away, and although you had a fairly active forum and a fair number of hits before, you are unable to obtain either now; after all, why would anyone go to your site when MMC has nearly everything under the sun.
Now, suppose MMC's staff decide that you cant talk about a certain thing. It's fine, because there are plenty of other sites to discuss it at, right? Right?
No, it's not right, because MMC controls so much of the community that even large sites have almost no community left and you're forced to give up your freedom of fandom or have no one to talk to...
So, join MMC if you wish, but remember my warning...
Until next entry,

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Happy New Year!

Posted on 2006.01.01 at 02:17
Current Music: Obsession
Well, I have two things to say;
1 - Happy New Year
2 - This is a poem I wrote earlier....

-"Our Night"-
This is our night,
I watch her singing in the firelight,
Darkness rules beyond the light,
But on this night,
there will be no flight,
for this is our night,
and my love has never felt so right,
I watch her sing in the firelight,
and in my heart I feel no fright,
for this is our night!

Well, until next entry,

greiga, cyberforte, cyberbeast


Posted on 2005.12.27 at 00:06
Current Mood: Saddened
Current Music: Chain of Wish
"When winter's stars shine,
and the veil of the dark falls...
The human spirit speaks with
the brightest of intent...
But when all is said and done,
we are left in the darkness,
alone, as we have been always...
But being if outcasts forever is our fate,
at least let us be outcasts...

Thus I describe how I felt on the night of last, spending Christmas Night alone with my love... For all of our talk of peace, love and togetherness on Christmas, how is it that I was the only one with her on the night of Christmas and also the night of her birth? How does society live with such corruption?!
But I do thank the lord that at least she and I were able to be together and Shine in the Dark...
Anyway, sorry to sound so downcast...
Until next entry,

greiga, cyberforte, cyberbeast


Posted on 2005.12.23 at 12:01
Current Mood: Annoyed/Stressed/Wishful
Current Music: God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
Bah, first off, I think I'll rant about my dreams...
I should first mention that I rarely ever have dreams that I remember, though I've often been told I sleep talk and stuff...
Anyway, two of the few dreams I do remember;
The first one was about my AIM chat... Two of my ex-freinds who're now enemies allied to cause me trouble and some person who's sn I didn't remember was getting on my nerves by saying stuff about how insane my one semi-idealistic dream was(Note - Said dream -will- come true. Period.)... And I didn't have the abbility to use owner powers...
The second, which is a bit older, involves terrorists and me beating them up, but I'll pass on talking about it.

Next on my agenda for today, I'm starting my first MMORPG, EVE, wish me luck as I'm gonna be a pirate in Gallente who targets Amarr. I have teh Brilliant plan, but discussing it how would be foolishness.
Note that Amarr is a nation of Filthy Slavers without honor imo.

On another topic I've meant to talk about recently... (See full story if interested, but be warned, contains opinions on sex) Read more...Collapse )

greiga, cyberforte, cyberbeast

Damn all traitors for eturnity!

Posted on 2005.12.17 at 18:55
Current Mood: Annoyed
Current Music: Patriotism
Gah, first off, sorry for the lack of recent entries.

Anyway, the reason I'm in such as bad mood is that that a "friend" of mine whom I've known hates me for a while just went to far.
The moron interfered with a RP fight of was having with someone else with a godmodding "Spell" that makes unable to move. When I objected on grounds of godmodding, the traitor said that I had godmodded first because I had an "illogical dodge rate", yet the other guy dodged as much or more. He also "Phased out" whenever I attacked him.
But it might be an advantage, I was getting tired of him being an ** whenever talked about LtU. I've decided to throw him out of my chat for quite a while...

greiga, cyberforte, cyberbeast


Posted on 2005.12.06 at 23:50
Current Mood: Tired, Tired, and more tired.
Current Music: Pointless Arguement
Meh, I just feel a need to talk a bit after spending all afternoon on my walkthrough...
Very soon, I'm going to start writting a story. Once this story is complete, I shall make it into a novel...
Oh to heck with it; I'm going to bed. >> <<
Until the next real entry,

greiga, cyberforte, cyberbeast

Stuff >>

Posted on 2005.12.04 at 23:46
Current Mood: Worried/Exausted
Current Music: Lust
Well, I feel rather bad, I was going to do senarios Cross1 and 3 on my EXE6 walkthrough today, but I ended up getting sidetracked and so almost nothing done... And as if that wasn't enough, around 7 LtU signed off MSN with no explaination and has yet to resurface... I'm fairly sure she's ok, but I worry none the less... She is my sanity and happiness's lifeline as well as being the one person outside of my family whom I love. She's also one of the few people I can trust and being around her makes me feel complete... But I'd better stop here because I must go to bed, I hope I dream of her(though I rarely dream) and that she is, as I hope and beleive, ok.
Until the next entry, night all.

greiga, cyberforte, cyberbeast

Yay for radioactive armor!

Posted on 2005.12.01 at 23:39
Current Mood: Content/Semi-Hyper >>
Current Music: Reflection (FMA OST 2)
Well, while researching Hyper and Supernovas today, I discovered an element with the atomic symbol of "Cf" and instantly became obsessed with it, though the actual name sucks.
I have event decided to give CF the navi armor made of Cf-152 and bombs made of Cf-151(has one of the lowest if not THE lowest critical mass at a mere 9g. Now, with this short entry over, to bed I must go...
Until next entry,

greiga, cyberforte, cyberbeast

I cant think of a title >>

Posted on 2005.11.30 at 22:47
Current Mood: Semi-lousy
Current Music: Latias in Disguise
Well, I'm feeling kinda lousy today, so I decided to out some of my lousyness here...
I dunno, I guess I just haven't had a good day... It doesn't help not getting enough sleep, but unfortunatly, since I refuse to go to bed early, my inability to get to sleep til around 2 on Monday night will probably make me tired all week... But that cant be all of it... I guess more might be the fact that LtU wasn't on today, whenever she's not, I never feel very good... Also, without her there's no one I can really talk to who'll care save maybe Mirage and he's not feeling so well himself...
Gah, I feel so pathetic talking about all this, but I'm hoping talking about it will open the floodgates and let the lousyness runn out of my mind and body...
If not, then I'll go to bed as soon as I finish this Falzar avatar for my site... I wanted to finish Diveman's senario on my walkthrough, but I just didn't feel up to it... I should take some of my alergy medicine, maybe that's what's causing this evil down-ness...
Sorry if I sound like I'm emoing, but I just decided I needed to let all this spill out... Maybe if I listen to "Ready, Steady, Go!" I'll feel better, "Patriotism" isn't exactly good for when you're trying to lose a dark mood...
*tries it* Well, it helps a little, so I think I'll talk about one of my favorite navi designs, Battleshipman.exe.
Battleshipman is a military navi designed by the top Creamland Scientists after Invidia and Enigma took down their top city without any real trouble(will happen in the next chapter of my fic). He is a state of the art war navi and a solo navi for the time being.
He has several forms;
Normal form, in which he looks fairly normal, wears a white admiral's uniform, carries a sabre, and wears a Blue cape.
RamJett form, in which he looks like a disk-shaped space crast with the interior and part of the front removed, making him almost "U" shaped.
Interseptor Form which I have not fully designed yet, and several others.
I'm trying to decide how exactly he should end up fighting Rock or if perhaps he should only fight Dark Enigma and the Obsidian Society...
Oh well, these are matters for another day, I feel a bit better, so I'd best go do that avy. *vanishes*
Until the next entry,

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