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Posted on 2005.12.23 at 12:01
Current Mood: Annoyed/Stressed/Wishful
Current Music: God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
Bah, first off, I think I'll rant about my dreams...
I should first mention that I rarely ever have dreams that I remember, though I've often been told I sleep talk and stuff...
Anyway, two of the few dreams I do remember;
The first one was about my AIM chat... Two of my ex-freinds who're now enemies allied to cause me trouble and some person who's sn I didn't remember was getting on my nerves by saying stuff about how insane my one semi-idealistic dream was(Note - Said dream -will- come true. Period.)... And I didn't have the abbility to use owner powers...
The second, which is a bit older, involves terrorists and me beating them up, but I'll pass on talking about it.

Next on my agenda for today, I'm starting my first MMORPG, EVE, wish me luck as I'm gonna be a pirate in Gallente who targets Amarr. I have teh Brilliant plan, but discussing it how would be foolishness.
Note that Amarr is a nation of Filthy Slavers without honor imo.

On another topic I've meant to talk about recently... (See full story if interested, but be warned, contains opinions on sex)

Is it just me, or is today's world too obsessed with sex? Be it teens constantly talking about it or relegious fanatics scorning it, it seems sex is one of the most popular topics these days.
Personally, I think we all need to shut up about sex. It's just a part of life, and athough I personally beleive in abstainance, anyone who's willing to accept the consequences has every right to do as they please about it. If you are not willing to accept them, then do not cross the line.
The line is a term I use to seperate activities that can be preformed at almost any age out of love without risk of creating life too soon. Of course, these still hold therisk of STDs, but even then, they have less risks than those across the line.
I personally do not intend on "Crossing the line" until after marriage, but if you're ready to accept the consequences, then feel free to do it whenever as long as you do not constantly talk about sex.
In conclusion, sex and sex-related acts are merely a part of life, so just treat them as such. And before you say they're sinful, they are not; God/The divince creator you beleive in would not have made a sinful act so important to us.
Until next Entry,

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