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Posted on 2005.11.30 at 22:47
Current Mood: Semi-lousy
Current Music: Latias in Disguise
Well, I'm feeling kinda lousy today, so I decided to out some of my lousyness here...
I dunno, I guess I just haven't had a good day... It doesn't help not getting enough sleep, but unfortunatly, since I refuse to go to bed early, my inability to get to sleep til around 2 on Monday night will probably make me tired all week... But that cant be all of it... I guess more might be the fact that LtU wasn't on today, whenever she's not, I never feel very good... Also, without her there's no one I can really talk to who'll care save maybe Mirage and he's not feeling so well himself...
Gah, I feel so pathetic talking about all this, but I'm hoping talking about it will open the floodgates and let the lousyness runn out of my mind and body...
If not, then I'll go to bed as soon as I finish this Falzar avatar for my site... I wanted to finish Diveman's senario on my walkthrough, but I just didn't feel up to it... I should take some of my alergy medicine, maybe that's what's causing this evil down-ness...
Sorry if I sound like I'm emoing, but I just decided I needed to let all this spill out... Maybe if I listen to "Ready, Steady, Go!" I'll feel better, "Patriotism" isn't exactly good for when you're trying to lose a dark mood...
*tries it* Well, it helps a little, so I think I'll talk about one of my favorite navi designs, Battleshipman.exe.
Battleshipman is a military navi designed by the top Creamland Scientists after Invidia and Enigma took down their top city without any real trouble(will happen in the next chapter of my fic). He is a state of the art war navi and a solo navi for the time being.
He has several forms;
Normal form, in which he looks fairly normal, wears a white admiral's uniform, carries a sabre, and wears a Blue cape.
RamJett form, in which he looks like a disk-shaped space crast with the interior and part of the front removed, making him almost "U" shaped.
Interseptor Form which I have not fully designed yet, and several others.
I'm trying to decide how exactly he should end up fighting Rock or if perhaps he should only fight Dark Enigma and the Obsidian Society...
Oh well, these are matters for another day, I feel a bit better, so I'd best go do that avy. *vanishes*
Until the next entry,

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