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Bleh, stuff....

Posted on 2006.01.29 at 20:48
Current Mood: Bleh
Current Music: Reflection
Of all the evils I've observed in 15 years of life, I'd have to say two of the worse are boredom and the foolish conceptions of Society. In the latter category, I believe fall many "Disorders" and "Diseases" that are commonly diagnosed but in my view, do not really exist. The easiest example of this I can find is "ADD" ("Attention Deficit Disorder".
The fact is, that the "symptoms" of this "Disorder" seem to be to be telltale signs of lack of interest. Now, if you have a enough of a problem with a peron's lack of interest in things to call it a mental disorder, I see you as a comformist and thus as the worst kind of scum, so go jump off a bridge while I display a lack of interest in the rest of your fate.

Next on my agenda of things to rant about is the pure stupidity of the policy in the art and Fanfiction world of "critting" anything and everything. This policy disgusts me mainly because of the fact that it doesn't matter if you don't like something someone else does, because tastes differ. Critting is really just another conformist way of trying to make everyone the same in many cases. Just because someone's art doesn't meet your standards doesn't mean it needs to be changed. Both art and fanfiction are ways to express what the creator feels, and if another person doesn't like it and so tries to have it changed, it becomes not that person's expression. (Note that fanfiction is less so, so has many exceptions).
So next time you look and someone's art and say "Well, I think this looks incorrect, I think they should do it this way instead," remember that you're being a conformist and are defeating the point of art as well as hurting the person, in many cases.

On to my third rant - The free will of reploids and navis and the treatment of it.
Navis and reploids are both said to have Free Will, correct? So why is it that both are treated like inferiors? Navis are deleted without remorse while every possiable effort is made to keep the human scum who made them do their crimes alive. Also, any reploids who -use- the free will they are so renown for are labeled irregulars and promptly killed. If they are to be treated as such, how are they any diffrent from the robots of the classic series.
X and Rockman.exe are two of the most guilty of this, but I'll stop now 'cause I'm out of my ranting mood...
So until next entry,


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