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greiga, cyberforte, cyberbeast

(Not so) Random Stuff

Posted on 2005.11.29 at 23:49
Current Mood: Happy
Current Music: Paitriotism (FMA OST 2)
Meh... I've been working on my exe walkthrough for two days now, and although it's rather boring, I'm glad that I'm doing it because if I don't stand up to EXE US and it's underhanded tactics, who will? Besides, the walkthrough seems to be boosting hit already, I received 151 unique hits yesterday and have received 192 Unique hits so far today where as Iin the past it was around 100 per day. If this isn't a fluke, I might even consider asking MMN for affiliation, that would help me out a lot and MMN is a nice site...
On a related note, I noticed that my affiliate, Rockman Perfect Memories, is also doing an EXE6 Walkthrough, so bully for them, between the two of us I hope that people will see that the traitor Chibi Soma choose the wrong time to join forces with the EXE US people and take his Walkthrough services with him.
I'm also considering whether I should start my EXE Manga summaries as the next thing after my EXE6 Walkthrough or do the exe5 walkthrough I started ages ago and never finished... I should make a poll about it on the forums, but that might not do much as I doubt it'd get any replies. >>
Anyway, my life is going very well otherwise apart from the fact that I didn't get to bed til REALLY late last night as I couldn't fall asleep for some reason...
In other news, should all go well, I should be experiencing a visit from my beloved ltu_hikari in late December(after Christmas) and I am very much excited about it. After all, although talking online every day is great, seeing eachother irl us very fun too, and I haven't seen her since Otakon this August where we met up irl for the first time...
Now I'll shut up before I bore you to death with stuff about my life, so until next entry.

greiga, cyberforte, cyberbeast

Death to Elitest Artists!

Posted on 2005.11.27 at 22:08
Current Mood: Very Annoyed
Current Music: Fullmetal Alchemist OST2(Edited) [Yes, I'm obsessed with it]
Well, I'd like to start off today's entry with a semi-rant, in the past this would have been on my site, but now I can put it here and bore less people.
In the art world, there are many types of people with many types of art... So, why must certain people take it upon themselves to attempt to make all others conform to their standards?
Now, I can understand criticizing stuff, but suppose a person were to ask you not to. Would you do it anyway? Hopefully not, but I know that many people would say "Of course! You're supposed to criticize art!" or something to that general effect, but to be blunt, that is a bold-faced lie.
Art exists for people who see it to enjoy it. If you do not enjoy a person's art, go elsewhere; it's not your place to make suggestions for "improvements" or "fixes" unless the person specifically ask you to do so.
What scares me is that in the art and fanfiction world, this wild amount of unneeded and unasked for Criticism has led to many people feeling that they HAVE to criticize or they are being a bad reviewer. It's almost to the point where the artist/author feels that if they argue with criticism, that they're doing wrong.
To show the depth of this I will relate an experience of my own to you -
Once, I had a very good friend who was a fanfiction author. She was a very good author and I personally could not find anything to criticize in her fics, and although she was ok with this, one day a reviewer posted a very harsh review that imo was not at all in order about one of her fanfictions, so I told him so in a nice way, yet the next day, my friend told me that the other person was right and that she needed to do better. This at the time only lightly annoyed me, but now that I look back on it, I'm outraged.
(On an off-topic note, unfortunately, that friend blocked me for no apparent reason and I have been unable to contact her since, thus effectively killing off my oldest online friendship...)
Now, can you truly say that criticizing everything is good? Unless the person asks for it, it's more likely to hurt them than anything else, so DO NOT CRITICIZE WITHOUT BEING ASKED TO, be it a fic, a piece of art, or even just an idea. This should, in my opinion, be the basic rule for fanfiction and art places(for lack of a better word).

Now, on to other things - I watched Rockman.exe - Hikari to Yami no Program(the fansubbed version) today. It was ok for an exe anime thing, with a minimum of Cross-Fusion and other anime-only concepts, but...
[Spoiler alert, read at your own risk]
I was thoroughly disappointed with the ending of it...
I was expecting a clash between Gold Forte-Cross-Rockman and Silver Forte-Cross-Rockman for some reason, but in the end, all FCR did was semi-godmod NebulaGrey/Dr.Regal and destroy him, then dissipate...
Oh, and another VERY annoying thing was that Forte was cloakless most of the movie...
Oh well, it was still nice to see FCR in action, it wasn't ruined by the anime as so many things have been. *cough*
Oh, and on a final note, Netto needs to watch his mouth, he said "Hell" at least 3 times in the movie, as well as Laika and Forte both saying "Shit", both of which are, in my opinion, far too composed to use obseneties.

Well, I'm off to write an article for teh site, so until teh next entry...

greiga, cyberforte, cyberbeast

Thinking of the past, present, and future...

Posted on 2005.11.26 at 11:42
Current Mood: Resigned/Liberated
Current Music: Fullmetal Alchemist OST 2 (Edited)
(Note - Posted late on November 26th, not November 27th.)
Well, as expected, Spoilers ahead, highlight to view.
Well, I beat Battle Network Rockman.exe 6 - Dennoujuu Greiga today...
The ending itself is one of the best yet as a game ending, however as an end to the series as it seems to be, it's quite unsatisfactory...
There's so much left unsaid, so much left undone... And one of the worst parts is the 20-years part... Because Netto and Meiru ARE NOT MEANT TO BE TOGETHER!
But I suppose thie son, Raito Hikari, is a ray of hope, even with the supposed "End of Rockman.exe" line...

With that said, do not think that this means an end to CyberForte.net. I'm not saying I won't weep, but there will still be Worlds for me to Conquer...
I'm already planning a Fullmetal Alchemist subsite, as well as possiably a Sailor Moon anime subsite.
And apart from these, I can still cover the older exe games in depth as well as open my site to fanfiction as I am already planning to...
But enough with this doom and gloom talk, on a more interesting note, I'm currently downloading a torrent of the Rockman.exe movie and planning a quick plot summery of exe 6 to be written as I play through Dennoujuu Falzar tomorrow. So until then.

greiga, cyberforte, cyberbeast

. . . . . >>

Posted on 2005.11.24 at 22:49
Current Mood: Tired/Bored
Current Music: Fullmetal Alchemist OST 2 (Edited)
Well, the reason I haven't updated my site all day (and this til now) is that I finally got my hands on EXE6...
If you want to know what I think, highlight below. I will not put too many spoilers if I can help it, but read at you're own risk because I feel like spilling all this stuff and this happens to be my outlet. To skip this section just scroll past the black inked section.

Well, for the first part of the game, the only way I can describe it is that I felt like I was trapped in a bad fanfic. The new town, which in the past was refered to as Saiba City yet seems to be commonly called Central Town now (Gee, how origional *cough*), is rather lame. The teacher looks very odd, the kids who're supposed to your new friends are almost never around. The butterfly girl only shows up once or twice each senario and is pretty much useless from what I can tell. Another thing - The main town only has 3 enterable bulidings and the scale of character to building is worse than ever... (to be continued tomorrow because I need sleep.)

Well, I'll finish this and have a partially normal entry tomorrow.

greiga, cyberforte, cyberbeast

Err, hi?

Posted on 2005.11.23 at 23:35
Current Mood: Out of Ideas
Current Music: Fullmetal Alchemist OST 2 (Edited)
Well, I decided after some thought to create this livejournal as a place to post my random thoughts and the like, though the reason I chose Livejournal instead of something else is that ltu_hikari uses it and if it's good enough for her, it's good enough for me, so if you're easily bored, be sure to grab a pillow before reading; falling asleep on teh comp is bad for both you and it...
Anyway, enough about that, before I start on some recent navis I've designed, I just HAVE to mention a really annoying thing I saw today - Some rather idiotic person at an exe site, one of it's admins I believe, posted the most ridiculous and annoying fake plot summery I've heard in my life, it was supposed to be exe6's plot. I won't go into it, but the worst part was that people were believing him.
But enough about that, on with teh navis I mentioned before;
While bored earlier today, I began to design a new Dark Organization, exe style. "The Obsidian Society" was what I decided their name should be, so I then started designing navis. The first, Imperialman, is a powerful navi I designed sometime last year but never had a chance to use. He'll probably be the leader's navi or at least a higher-up. Next there is Magmaman, obviously a fire navi. He does search and destroy as well as scouting. After hit is Pyroman (yes I know, what am I thinking with two fire navis right? Well, I like fire so I will have at least these two if not more in it.) who does cyber-arson and large-scale destruction. Battleshipman who provides support, transport, and acts as an attack platform goes next. After him is Nightmareman, the resident psycho psychologist who uses mind games and illusions to distract his foes while he destroys them. Next on the list is Requiem, a powerful navi who isn't really a member, but works with them on occasion. Then there are the ones I'm not sure how to design -
Rustman, Blitzman, Chillman, Fissureman, Razorman, Talonman, and a few others; for the moment they are only names without ideas.
One of the fatal flaws I have in navi design is that 99% of my navis are solo, so I'm designing Ops to go with these, but no luck with that yet, nor have I had any on making ideas for the Society's Goals or reasons for acting.
If you care, these navis will either debut in Shadows of the Uranet or a new fic based around them, I'm not sure yet.
Anyway, it's 11:59 and I still haven't thought up an update for my site, so I better end this now, until the next entry.

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